Thursday, May 2, 2013

A few pictures, finally!

Well, it is a work in progress, but here are pics of some of the rooms. Nowhere near complete! No pictures hung yet, but it will give you an idea! We STILL love it! Had our 30 day yesterday and it went well. Our PM even moved our swing set for us because it was in the way of drainage and they need to re-route the drainage due to lots of standing water and mud. Will post an update once the repairs are done, there were not many.

For whatever reason I forgot to take a good picture of the couches in the family room! I will update the pics tonight.


Morning room

Morning room fan

One angle of my youngest son's room

Outside with shrubs and flowers

Another outside view (working hard on our grass!)

Side yard view

Family room, one angle (pictures prepping to be hung one of these days!)

Swing set and patio furniture (waiting on the patio); mud pit is where no grass is growing

Back corner of yard

Living room and our temporary couch

Dining room

Master bedroom with ceiling fan and things that still need to be unpacked

Guest bedroom (can't see the fan, but it's same as the kids' rooms)

One angle of my oldest son's room (temp shades, which are nice!)

Another angle of my oldest son's room

Other angle of my youngest son's room