Victoria Falls Elevation A Model Pics

What our home will look like, but with brick.

Our elevation with a stone front rather than brick. This is closer to what ours will look like!

Picture it with brick
The model home"s family room.

 Model Home- Finished media room- storage for us

  Model Home- Morning room nook in the basement- where our big screen and sectional couch will go

Another part of the basement to the right of the stairs (will be kids' area)

 Model Home- Another part of the basement

 Model Home-More storage in the basement

  Model Home- Master walk in closet #1

 Model Home- Master walk in closet #2

  Model Home- Master Bath

 Model Home-Master Bedroom

 Model Home- View of the family room from the foyer

 Model Home- Living room leading in to the dining room

 Model Home- Morning Room

  Model Home- Kitchen

  Model Home-Another kitchen view

  Model Home-Bedroom #3

  Model Home- Bedroom #2

  Model Home-Staircase

  Model Home- The kids' bathroom

 Model Home- Bedroom #4-guest bedroom 

  Model Home- Dining Room

 Model Home- Living room 

 Model Home- Family Room 

  Model Home- Bottom of staircase-ours will look like this

 Model Home-Powder room


  1. I have been in that model. It's gorgeous! Nice choice :)

    1. That's so funny! We must live near each other :-)

  2. I love the cabinet and granite choices in this model. Do you happen to know what they are or could you tell me where this model is located so I can ask my SR?

    Thanks! Your home is gorgeous! Can't wait to start building too!

  3. The model is in Mt. Airy, Maryland.

  4. This model looks exactly like the one in Westminster MD, but for a few changes in the basement every room is decorated exactly the same! Quite interesting.