Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I disappeared... I will come back!

I did it, too. Disappeared! Life is nuts!

Just wanted to give a quick update and will post more when I have a chance.

Turns out a bunch of HVAC systems in our development were not measured correctly and almost everyone building around when we did got units that were too small. This explains some of the inconsistent temperatures, especially upstairs for us. So, SURPRISE! We are getting upgraded bigger units upstairs and downstairs! A bunch of our neighbors got this or some variation and said things run much better now. It's like getting a new house all over again! Well, sort of ;-)

Other than that, things are going smoothly and we continue to love our home! Our development is about to release the last section of lots, all premiums ones (beautiful views of the woods and sunsets!) and then will stop until 2015. We are so amazed by how many homes are being built. Almost all of the lots are sold and building is well on its way! The prices continue to increase and we love being in the green as opposed to the red like we were with our townhome!

If we could do this again we would. What a great adventure it has been. We love our neighbors, who are now our close friends, and our kids love to play all the time outside with their new friends! We are sneaking up on our 10 month (CRAZY!) and need to get moving on what fixes we want. I will post that when we have the whole list together.

Any tips from other 10 monthers out there?

Hope everyone is enjoying their homes and home building!