Friday, March 29, 2013

We closed!

It's ours! I can't believe it! It went smoothly and we are so thankful to everyone we worked with at NVR, they were really on top of everything! Time to start moving! Pictures will come soon!

Closing Day!!

We are less than 3 hours away!

Thank you to everyone on this blog for your support, encouragement, advice, assistance, and everything else! It has been so fun blogging the building experience! Now we get to blog the moving in and decorating experience! We won't disappear after closing, especially since so many in the blogging family are still building! We need to watch you all until the end! Happy continued building and settling in! We will let you know how settlement goes!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ode to the House

I once begged for just a simple hole
But you've become so much more
What with your fancy granite, your grand stair case and your beautiful dark wood floor

Your rooms we will fill with all of our personal things
we will turn you, House, into a home just to our liking

We will be sure to give you a great show as our family continues to age
it won't always be easy, but with all of our chapters of life, you'll be there on each page

We look forward to the warm nights around the fire that you'll provide
and down your driveway, on their bikes, our kids will ride.

We look forward with great anticipation to making you our new home
it was well worth the wait, here's to what was once just a hole wished for in a poem!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Final Walk Through Complete!

I can't believe we are at this point! The walk through went very well. We had an inspector come through yesterday and note the things that needed to be fixed up. Our PM got it late last night, read it through, and by the time we got there at 9 am this morning, he had all the people lined up to come in and fix the house up before we close Friday! I was AMAZED! No questions asked, just followed what the inspector said (nothing major). We went through the home and blue taped literally everywhere little fixes. The only thing we need to wait on is a front face of a kitchen cabinet that looks bad because of how the wood went. He is ordering one and letting us pick the one we like better. Our PM also set up a final cleaning for the morning of our closing so they will be out pretty much right as we come in! PERFECT!

It is so exciting that we have come this far and we only have 2 days until we get those keys!! We heard from the settlement company and they got all the info from NVR and are going through it ready for Friday at 10. We still don't know an exact amount for closing costs yet, but we will hopefully know by tomorrow so we can get the cashier's check settled.


Monday, March 25, 2013

All Clear for Closing!

We got the "all clear" today from our LO!  We are good to go for Friday.  So excited!  It's gettin' real!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Few More Pics

We visited the house on Saturday and when I turned the key to go inside...WHOA! It was all cleaned up and looking amazing! I didn't realize how different our house looked when worker's things are everywhere and there is dirt and dust on everything. We thought we were excited before, now we are jumping out of our skin! The countdown clock says 4 days, OMG!!

We will get better pics during the walk through/ after closing. Here are a few for now that we decided to get in on for a change :-)

LOVE the way the kitchen turned out! LOVE the granite!

Family room

Home sweet home!

Living room into dining room (LOVE the hardwood!)

Still love the cascading stairs

I can't believe this will be ours this time next week!

Never going to stop loving the side yard and trees!
Can't wait until spring and grass growing!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pictures of the house!!

WE ARE SO EXCITED! 1 MORE WEEK! Still needs to be cleaned up, but there it is!!

Washer/ Dryer- Laundry room


Master Bathroom tile

Guest bedroom

Guest bathroom tile

The boys' bathroom

Part of our oldest son's room (best view in the house!)

Looking out my son's room to our backyard backing into the neighbor's backyard

Foyer (looking from upstairs)

Part of youngest son's room

The side yard is finally flat and big!!

Family room

Part of the basement

Another view of basement

Another part of the basement

Panoramic of family room, kitchen, and morning room

Basement stairs


Morning Room


Living room leading into dining room

Master Bathroom

Part of "her" closet :-)

French doors leading to Master bedroom

Another view of basement

OMG, We Have Sod!

Stopped by the house and we have sod!! Our front door is painted and they put the cross hatching in the garage door windows.AND they were grading the yard when I was there! They also uncovered the granite, floors, and carpet. It looks like our house!! Only had time for a few pictures, but I plan on going back up today or over the weekend to get pictures of all the rooms. I am SOOO excited!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Does it really say 9 days on our countdown clock?! Is it really almost here?! I can't believe it! A week from Friday!

Planning on going to the house Thursday (or tomorrow, depending on time!) to check it out. Should be basically done! Our neighbors across our shared driveway close today and the neighbors we met to the right of us close Friday. So far everyone we have met has kids our kids' ages and everyone is eager to meet and make friends. We are so excited, it seems like the perfect place to be for our family!

Hopefully I will have some updated pictures soon! Happy continued building and happy closing to those almost there!

Monday, March 11, 2013

FINALLY got in!

Well, a week later I finally got to go inside the house! Our PM was so apologetic, he thought the garage would be unlocked and the inside door had the same key the SR had. Oh well, who cares, I got in! I was actually quite pleased with the towel bar placement in the bathrooms, as a side note, especially after reading other blogs about where they were placed!

Our shared driveway neighbors settle next Tuesday so we are excited to meet them! SO CLOSE!

Here are some pics from the visit!

Love the fake logs!

Guest bath (aka boys') vanity

Range is not quite installed yet :-)

Family room

Hardwood near the kitchen cabinets

Love the staircase STILL! (one more stain coat to go!)

Wood floors throughout the downstairs except the family room

Family room carpet (actually more plush in real life, the plastic flatten it out)

All lit up in the dining room!

Upstairs carpet (the upgraded pad makes a HUGE difference!)

Master Shower

Master Bath

Master vanity

Boys'/guest shower

Fridge also not quite installed!