Monday, March 11, 2013

FINALLY got in!

Well, a week later I finally got to go inside the house! Our PM was so apologetic, he thought the garage would be unlocked and the inside door had the same key the SR had. Oh well, who cares, I got in! I was actually quite pleased with the towel bar placement in the bathrooms, as a side note, especially after reading other blogs about where they were placed!

Our shared driveway neighbors settle next Tuesday so we are excited to meet them! SO CLOSE!

Here are some pics from the visit!

Love the fake logs!

Guest bath (aka boys') vanity

Range is not quite installed yet :-)

Family room

Hardwood near the kitchen cabinets

Love the staircase STILL! (one more stain coat to go!)

Wood floors throughout the downstairs except the family room

Family room carpet (actually more plush in real life, the plastic flatten it out)

All lit up in the dining room!

Upstairs carpet (the upgraded pad makes a HUGE difference!)

Master Shower

Master Bath

Master vanity

Boys'/guest shower

Fridge also not quite installed!


  1. So pretty !!! Everything looks like its coming along nicely!!

  2. Love it! I am excited for you!

  3. Thanks everyone! I can't believe we close 2 weeks from Friday! I think I will try to get in again Friday :)

  4. My wife and I came across your blog while looking for info on Ryan's Victoria Falls model. We're also building right down the street from you near the other shared driveway (broke ground this week!). Your posts have been a tremendous help to us in terms of milestone expectations, so thank you for the help, even if you didn't realize it! Coincidentally, we have a 3 yr old and 4 mo old. We're so excited that they will have other young children nearby with whom to play. All our best to you throughout your move and we look forward to being neighbors! By the way, we're avid 'skins fans, so hopefully that doesn' t sour the relationship before it starts!

    1. I am so excited you are on here! My husband and I keep saying we wish people from our neighborhood would get on these blogs! Which lot are you on? I actually think we may have run into you at some that possible?! How exciting that we have kids the same age, I think there are A LOT of us around. Congrats on breaking ground! Please feel free to message me and we can chat more. We look forward to getting to know you guys soon!! Do you have a blog yet?

    2. And we won't hold the Redskins thing against you, at least it's not the Ravens!!

    3. It's quite possible we ran into each other at some point while visiting to vet the community, sign paperwork, etc. We met so many friendly people with families like ours just out enjoying the neighborhood! We're on lot #9 and hope to visit frequently to watch/document the process.

      Same-division rivalries would definitely make for an exciting season, right? I always play fantasy football, so it's entirely possible I'll be rooting for some aspect of Pittsburg to perform, depending on the fall draft :)