Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lot pics as promised!

Better late than never!

View from the front of our house up the shared driveway, main street at the top.

View from the top of the shared driveway down to our house and our neighbors' (ours is on the left at the bottom)

View from the patio of the back and side yard

View from the front of the house to the side yard

Another view heading down the shared driveway

Other side of the yard

Our house :-)

Another view of the back/ side yard in the corner

Patio and backyard view


  1. I love your patio. I like how they did your stovepipe layout. We looked at one and it wasn't as nice as this one. You lucked out.

  2. So it looks like you have your own street? Seriously....thats fantastic!!

    1. They were actually going to give it it's own street name! They decided not to because they county would have to pay for something or another if they did that ;-)

  3. I love your Patio!!! The nice built in bench and the big yard...its so cool! And the street... I sgree with dwtimes2, it awesome!

    1. Thank you!! We are totally getting lots of use out of the patio!

  4. Love that house picture elevation A. I am not crazy about strange elevations and parts of the house that stick out and crazy shaped windows and porches. We would have totally done elevation A (look at all these windows!) but were not allowed in my neighborhood.. So we did D.. But now that I see A in brick like we did, I really wish they allowed us to do it. I like D just fine but did not care for spending more, and A would have been cool too.