Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flooring Meeting!

Today was an incredibly fun meeting. We drove to the flooring showroom with the two boys. It is by appointment only, which meant we had the whole place to ourselves. If you have young children you know that this is a wonderful thing!

The first thing we picked out was our granite counter tops. We were pleasantly surprised that, although we were choosing the Level 1 granite, there were several beautiful options. We placed the granite with the cherry cabinets we chose and found the best match. The salesman, Austin, was very helpful when making the choices and had great insight and recommendations.

From there, we looked at the hardwood floor options. With a Level 1 option, we only had a few choices, but were very happy with the wood we chose as it complimented the cabinets and granite beautifully!

Everything together

We then picked out tile for the Master bath and the second bathroom upstairs (the downstairs bathroom has hardwood in it). We added 2 ceramic corner shelves to the shower in the master bathroom, which will be very convenient! I didn't get a picture of our tile in the bathrooms, no idea why! They are a regular neutral color. We decided to upgrade the laundry room to ceramic tile, this is what we picked:

Next up, carpeting. We decided to go with base carpeting upstairs and in the basement, but opted to upgrade the padding to keep spills from seeping through. We did Level C carpeting for the family room and we are very pleased with our choice, which will go well with our gray couches. It is very plush and has flecks of color in it (black, grey, beige undertones).

Family room carpet

Although they look similar, one is for upstairs and one is for the basement (one is slightly darker)

This was definitely the most fun part and made building our house so much more real! Once we were done with the selection process (only took a little over an hour), we drove to our lot. Looks like they are prepping for the giant storm heading our way and put down some kind of hay mixture to protect the dirt. I am glad we are not building right now because I would be freaking out!

Looks like they will be releasing the cul de sac lots soon. We realized how big our lot is compared to the regular sized ones. This just further validated that we chose an awesome lot! Next up: scheduling the finalization meeting!!

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