Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Closer and Another Upgrade

Building is fast and furious in our neighborhood now.  It's actually starting to look like a real development.  Two of our three surrounding neighbors now have their concrete poured.  We should find out our start date any day now.  Our neighbor now not only has a hole, but also has concrete and their lumber is in!

Also, we decided to upgrade to stainless steel appliances.  This may be a mistake with young kids, but I think they will look way too nice with our cherry cabinets and dark stained wood floors.  We had the upgraded black appliances, but we just have our doubts about how that will look with the cherry cabinets.  We figured the kitchen is too beautiful to cut this corner.  We'll be talking with the SR tomorrow about which appliances we'll be getting instead.

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  1. We recently had a change of heart with our appliances too, but it is too late for us to change our black appliances with RH. We haven't been thrilled with the reviews for the GE appliances anyway though, so we bought a stainless refrigerator and we will swap out the other appliances eventually to match.