Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Some quick changes and ordering lumber!

Got a call from our SR yesterday.  Apparently in our model, the Victoria Falls, you can't have both windows and a fireplace on the same wall without the four foot extension.  We don't really want or need the four foot extension, but really do want the fireplace.  So, we took the windows off that wall, which saved us about $1000.  We then took one of the windows and put it on the rear family room wall, so now we have three windows back there overlooking the backyard and forest.

There was also a math mistake on our last change order that resulted in an error of $1200 in our favor.  So, we took that money and chose to put the recessed lighting package in the basement for about the same price.  So now we have 13 recessed lights in the basement instead of having to buy several cheap lamps that the kids were sure to break repeatedly.  Sweet!  And we came out $500 better on the deal!

We also got word that our lumber is currently being ordered!  We should know by tomorrow whether they will start building before the holidays or not.  We are very excited over here!

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