Saturday, November 10, 2012

LOTs of good news!

We drove out to our neighborhood so that our SR could show us how our lot would be laid out. When we got there, our SR said that she was talking to the construction people and they want to break ground around Christmas. At first we were a bit freaked out... we need time to get our house sold! But, since they promised us a delivery around April 15th, even though our house will be done in March, we can move in any time between completion and April 15th! This gives us a ton of flexibility! If our house sells, we won't have to rent and move twice!  Also means that we should have a foundation up by New Years! Awesome news :-) Can't wait to visit something other than dirt, although I love my dirt :-)

Then, Mauria (our SR) took the wheel and measured out our lot for us. We got to see where the house would be and how big our yard will be. Our yard is HUGE! When she was going over the space she told us she is so surprised that our lot, which is very big, flat, and has trees to one side, didn't have a premium on it. Her guess is that it was released and sold so quickly that they didn't have the chance to see it and determine a premium on it. Not only do we have a large backyard, we also have a very large side yard!

We are so excited and it really seems like the stars are aligning for us. We will blog once we have a pre-construction meeting scheduled (which should be in the next few weeks!).

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