Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#14: Mudroom Space!

We didn't get the official mudroom with the extended laundry room upgrade, but we still have the mudroom space! I love having a designated area to put shoes and coats that is not the foyer or back door! I also love that it is our laundry room so that muddy clothes go straight in the washer. Great for the kids, great for the adults!


  1. This is a GREAT PLUS, Elise!!!! I like the idea of having a large mud room on the main level. The Rome doesn't accommodate this feature--it's very small which is why I built the closet system in the garage for our mudroom. I am still working on ideas to stream line the current mudroom inside the house.

  2. Looks great! We have our laundry room on the main floor as well, with a space across from the washer/dryer for a mud area. We are going to build in some shelves and use that as our "command center" location for our calendar and all the eventual school stuff my son will have, a place to drop purses, backpacks, and keys. I think having the washer/dryer there too is handy. I would have loved to have it upstairs but I think this is going to work out just fine too.

    1. At first I thought I wanted the laundry on the 2nd floor, but I am soo happy it is on the main floor. We do laundry more often and it doesn't wake the kids :-)

  3. Ok, I am going to have to condense my top 20list, I cant keep up on it everyday like i thought i would..LO

    wish i had a mudd room, nice!!

  4. That's a good one! We are going to have a tiny mud room and a laundry room right when we enter from the garage. I think I'm gonna like that!