Friday, July 19, 2013

#18 of the Top 20 Things We Love About Our Home....

The lamp post that turns on automatically at dusk and when all the lights outside are turned on at night. The automatic thing really rocks and there is something about a house all lit up at night that is just beautiful <3


  1. Hi Elise, I can definitely relate to this! I believe the first month we kept All the post lights on !! It felt so lovely driving up to a well lit up house!! I was in in love each time!!!

  2. Yes indeed!! It feels like Xmas! The only thing I have noticed is the increase of bugs from the lights at night! Have you noticed that too? Do you know what to do about them because we now have to keep the lights off. :-(

    1. I did notice that! I was considering trying one of those new bug zapper things.