Thursday, July 18, 2013

Patio Pics!

Here are some pics of our new patio! I LOVE having outdoor space and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (did I mention love?) sitting on my papasan chair. I have wanted this chair for literally 20 years, at least! See, dreams do come true! They had to reseed the area around the patio, which is why there is hay (again) there, I have more house pics but for whatever reason I am having trouble sending them from my phone but I will get to them soon!


Charlie the dog likes the patio also :-)


  1. Beautiful! I'm jealous - we don't have any outdoor spaces yet (though we are in the process of getting quotes). May I ask what the size of your patio is? I'm having a hard time visualizing sizes, and it's nice to see how well your large table fit on yours along with your chair.

  2. Ours sits 1 foot off the house and is 20x13. Great size! Not too big or small.

    1. That is so helpful! We're looking at a deck around that size for off the morning room, but I couldn't imagine what a table and grill would look like on it. Thanks!

    2. Honestly whatever you get you will love!

  3. Elise, stupid question did Ryan do that? No way, a contractor did that!

    I cant wait till our patio is done, both slabs are poured a 16x21 and a 16x20. It is exposed aggregate and still waiting for it to be sealed so I can take some pics.

    We are in the process of picking out brick for the sitting walls (my hubby will build those) love your sitting wall!! Exactly what we are doing too!!

    Oh and the Amish are coming in Sept to put up on Gable roof on the first patio.

  4. Haha, we have the exact same patio set. Picked ours up during the patio clearance at Home Depot. Ours is on the deck we got as one of the incentives when we built, but I'm more of a patio guy. Looks great!