Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Thanks everyone for this awesome idea! I actually had to write everything out to make sure I could list everything I loved in the right place! It was tough! I have to say we LOVE LOVE LOVE our new home. Could not be more pleased with everything. I will put some updated pics up soon since we also disappeared with life getting in the way. Especially want to post pics of the new patio!!! LOVE IT, especially the outdoor papasan chair I got at Pier 1, can you say HEAVEN?!

Ok, on with the countdown....

#20: Having 2 HVAC units. May seem weird, but in our old townhouse the temps upstairs were WAY different from downstairs and varied drastically from room to room. Having nice consistent temps throughout the house and being able to keep the temps at 74 (thank you energy star) is WONDERFUL!

#19 tomorrow....

So fun!


  1. OMG, you are blessed to have 2 HVAC units!!!!!! We only have one for this big house. It was a mess trying to regulate the temperature in our home.


  2. I agree that having 2 HVAC units must be nice. It always seems that upstair/downstairs temperatures are never the same!

    We actually found out that had we added the bonus room above the garage with the finished basement, we would have also received the second HVAC. Unfortunately, we decided that we really had no use for the bonus room and didn't like the stairs access cutting into space in the dinette and garage.

    That being said... our house really isn't that large, so I'm hoping that once we move in the single HVAC will not be an issue. Plus, with energy star, I'm thinking that the temperature should be much more consistent anyway.

  3. Elise, That's a good one! I am particularly looking forward to that.

    I must say this Top 20 list, coming from people who already moved in, is a very good source of motivation for people like me, who are frustrated, impatient and tired at this point of construction. It motivates me to look forward to the time when I will be able appreciate my house!

    Keep it coming!

    1. Definitely worth all the frustration in the end!

  4. Thanks for the list, plus it makes it easy to stay blogging after we move in. I think I will adopt this idea also.

  5. So excited to see more pictures!!!

  6. Absolutely agree with this. I just wrote about this and have already noticed and we are still under construction.

  7. Full-blown jealous that you got the two zone. Thank god I got the ceiling fan rough in to make our Bonus room bearable in this heat.

  8. Yup good one! We have two zones, not two units, but two zones and our house is consistent!

    Good One, that didnt make my list, I guess we will learn from each other we have more than 20!