Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some pictures as promised!

Here we go! I didn't get the kids' rooms and guest room, but will get to it when we have worked more on it (paint and such). Enjoy!

Family room

Dining room

LOVE the french doors into the master(view from the hallway)

Will never stop loving the kitchen :-)

Some master bedroom decor

Home sweet home---I think we are going to paint our door black eventually, but still on the fence

Favorite, morning room

Side yard view---LOVE!

The bathtub faucet I LOVE

Kitchen faucet

Excuse the mess, but I posted about what we did to the laundry room earlier.
This is how it looks with the W/D moved to the left far wall and added a bench and coat rack.
Works GREAT as a mudroom now with TONS of space! If you didn't get the extended laundry room, do this!

Living room

Kids' section of the basement

TV/ Adult section :-)

Hubby's bicycle room in 1/2 the unfinished space (other 1/2 has exercise equipment)


  1. Hi Elise, love ur home . You are doing a great job Setting it up. We are building a Victoria's Falls too in PA and it feels good to see what the newly finished homes look like. The basement looks huge? Was it an incentive for you? I just created my blog but not sure how to get people to follow, can u direct me?

  2. Congratulations! To get people to follow you add the follow button to your blog. I don't know how to do it without looking, but there is a place to add it. That way people can click and follow! Sorry I am not a huge help.
    Go into the main area where you set up the blog and you should see it. Where in PA are you building??

  3. Hello other PA folks! I have a friend who just build a Victoria Falls as well - it's a beautiful home.
    Love all your pics - esp the master bedroom bedding - I swear I have the same pattern but it's in grey and yellow. Did you get it at Kohl's? :)

    1. Thanks! Our bedding is from We love it!

  4. We are building in York, PA, crossing over from Baltimore MD . The irony is I still get to stay at my same job but with a shorter commute. I've looked for that button in the "add gadget" feature but can't find it. Maybe u should check it out. Http:// Hope I got it right, still getting used to it.

    1. I will definitely check it out and see if I can figure it out. I am very familiar with York! We live about 45 minute from Baltimore and DC. Love the shorter commute factor :-)

  5. Beautiful home! your did a great job setting it up. Your basement looks HUGE and AWESOME.

    1. Thanks! We are really please with all the space in the basement, especially since the kids get their own section!

  6. Thanks for posting the pics!!
    What a beautiful home!!

  7. Looking good!!!!! Love your granite and the finished basement!!!! So much room down there!

  8. Oh yeah, you live in the area,cool! W
    hy did I think Ohio for you? I really like your dining set, I'm looking for something similar, may I ask where you got them from?