Monday, July 22, 2013

#16 and #15 Top 20 Things We Love About Our Home

I forgot to do one yesterday :-)

#16: Our brick, I LOVE it! I really love the detail above the windows. This is one of those upgrades I feel VERY good about!

#15: The natural light. We have so many beautiful windows that allow so much light that we often don't even need to turn on the lights in the house. I am a huge fan of this and am very happy :-)


  1. Yes, Elise!!! I love the natural light and taking my window treatments to heart. I don't want to loose the essence of the natural light!

  2. These are the two things that were very high on my list! I was all about the color of brick, elevation, curb appeal etc. And my SR was like "you know its outside of a house right" ;-) And I cannot have enough natural light!

    This was a good one! :-)