Sunday, December 16, 2012

Homes popping up everywhere... except ours!

It is amazing how quickly what was once an expansive area of dirt has changed into a neighborhood! The house behind us is quickly moving along, the one to the right of us has foundation and so does the one diagonal to us. We are surrounded by houses and construction! The good news is that once our house is done we won't have any construction around us. But, it makes us exceptionally excited for our pre-construction meeting on Friday! We will post our questions as we get closer. Can't wait!!

Here is our lot and everything around it:

 View from what would be our side yard to front of house

 View from side yard to back of house

 Side yard view, right of house

Another side yard view looking at all the houses across and down the street


  1. Your day is coming soon!

    We had the opportunity to walk around a Victoria Falls model earlier today... I LOVE that staircase!

    1. That is exactly what we really loved about it! That cascading staircase was beautiful!

  2. Hi Henry, it is amazing how fast those homes are built. In January, when we started our journey there were only four homes completed and several were under construction. Now the entire community in our development has been built up to at least thirty homes.

    btw-while you are waiting for your home to pop up. I would be packing! The time flies by so fast and than it is crunch time.

    1. I hear ya RickandNadase. I've been packing and painting our current house since October. I can't believe how much junk we have! Storage unit will be secured soon so that we can start moving some stuff out to get ready to sell our current home. What a process! It's one I don't think I want to ever go through again.