Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Do You Wish You Would Have Done?

Before the final, final pre-construction meeting in two days, I'd like to know if there's anything that you wish you would have done to your house or asked at the meeting, that you didn't do or ask.  Looking forward to your responses...


  1. Little things.

    Of course shower shelves.

    extra outlets in the garage.

    Concrete driveway.

    placement of your access panel for your tub.

    if you have kids run ethernet cable to each of their rooms, if they play video games or computer.

    Do cabinet hardware yourself, much cheaper

    garage door opener yourself, dont roll it into your mortgage.

    side entry garage a must if you can.

    door in your garage or windows in your garage door

    Extra window in your study or living room will make a huge difference in size of your room

    Morning room a must if you can afford it!

    Overhang in your granite, is a non standard.

    I am sure i will think of more, i may be

  2. Great points. Thanks! Always hungry for more.

    Shower Shelves (check); will ask about extra garage outlets; concrete driveway (check); access panel, will ask; we use wifi for internet, kids not old enough for games; didn't realize there was a cost for hardware. Think our hardware is included, will check; garage door on own (check); side entry...can't afford it; have upgraded carriage door with carriage windows per neighborhood (check); had to put extra windows on other side of house no more $ for living room windows but agree; morning room/ finished basement was a big incentive (check); We have overhang/bar into the morning room, don't know if we need another overhang but are talking.

  3. Pipe chase from basement where cable / phone / data are to attic for future use as well as for satellite dish hookup if needed. Even if you have to buy the parts and have them do it (maybe $20?)

    Make sure where your low voltage stuff (cable / phone / data) is located makes sense for a) your furniture, b) where the switched outlet is, c) the door.

    pipe run in driveway for future invisible fence / sprinkler, electric lamp, whatever

    If you're basement is unfinished, think ahead as if you would be finishing it for how the electric / gas / water / sewer come in the house as well as electrical sub panel if your main electrical circuit breaker is in the garage.

    If I remember more, I'll post back :)

  4. I wish we would have thought about considering placement of electrical panel, its right smack in the middle, i didnt know we could ask a place for it to be and learn.....

    great advice about the pipe too, we thought of it tooo late, now its all sealed up...

  5. Awesome:

    Have been thinking about the pipe chase, but don't know if I'll use it. The only thing I can think of using it for is direct tv dish, which we'll probably have hidden on the side of the house. Ideas?

    We need to discuss the switched outlets with them. Everything else placement wise has been planned.

    Pipe run in driveway is interesting, but again, don't know that we would use it. I think we're going to do the wireless fence unit as opposed to the actual in-ground wire.

    Finished basement, mostly. Circuit box in unfinished portion. I don't know enough about electrical. Is there a reason why I would want a secondary box or different placement?

    Thanks for the tips, keep 'em coming if you can.

  6. I would have asked about establishing an area of the home for a media closet and I asked specific questions about each interior door!! I was so bummed out when I was told I would get one thing and late in the game told I couldn't have the door I thought I was getting. #pissedandmovedon #willgetthemfromlowes

    If you have the durango shower shelves installed in the guest bathroom be sure to have them installed on the back corner instead of the front corner near the shower head.

    Ask for an additional outlet on the gourmet island (we opted to have one placed on the side instead of the opposite end where the over hang is because it would be awkward to cook so far the opposite end. I also chose to have it installed on the side of the island in case we are sitting at the island with our laptops. They ended up installing it there anyway so now we have three outlets on our island. SCORE!

    Be sure that any non standard requests made are clear to your PM and show pictures because it is very easy to misinterpret your request because they are used to doing things in a standard way.