Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prepping for the Pre-Con Meeting: Great Questions

Tomorrow morning is the big day! We just wanted to share some great questions our friend who used to work for Dan Ryan Homes shared with us to ask in addition to all the ones we have (some may repeat, but we figured it is still worth posting!):

Talk about each and every room in the house, the basement, the garage, and the exterior.  Also talk about each of the options you selected, and look at the blueprints - ask them to tell you how to read the basic things on them at the meeting if you need help.  The buillder builds off the blueprints, so look at them - a lot of questions get answered there.

In each space, make sure you know what finishes are going to be installed and what they look like.  Keep asking - what does that look like?  They should be able to show you an example in the model, or in a book, or on another house.  You saw the flooring when you did your selections.  Pay attention to location also.  For example...

Flooring - Color/Type - Where are the flooring breaks between rooms?
Cabinets - Color/Type/Upgrade?/Drawers?  Doors?  Height?  Knobs/Handles? Locations?
Faucets - Color/Type/ Picture?  Locations? 
Sink - Size/Color/Type/ Picture?
Countertops - Color/Type/Backsplash?
Toilets - type/size
Vanitys - type/size/location
Pedestal Sink - type/size/location
Windows? - Location/size/type
Exterior and Interior Doors - Location/size/type
Door Knobs - type/deadbolt?
Lighting fixtures- type/location/picture
Light switches/plugs - type (location is normally set for you - if you have special requests, let them know)
Cable outlets - location/number?
Phone outlets - location/number
Closet/pantry shelving - type/location?
Trim - what trim is used in house?  locations?  Crown Molding?/Chair rail? 
Bathtubs/showers - type/size Tile or Fibergalss finish?  Color?
Shower doors - type/location
Rails - type/color/see picture
Hardware - Toilet paper and towel rods - location/type
Fireplace - location?surround?mantle?hearth?
Heating vent covers - location?type?
Appliances - see pictures of these.  color?  What appliances do you get?

In the basement, in addition to any of the above that apply...
Heating system?  Location - Fuel? Service? Warranty?  1 Zone or Two?
Hot Water Heater - Location - Fuel?  Service?  Warranty
Location of Columns and anything else which will impede future finishing.  Columns can't be moved. 
Basement Bath rough in?  Type/Location?
Basement Exit?  What type of door? 
Electric panel location/finish?

Grading - how will the finished contours of the lot look?  It will look different than now in some cases.
Seeding/sod?  What is warranty?  Will they seed in winter?  What if it doesn't grow?
Siding -- type/size/color
shutters - type size/color/locatoin
Brick/Stone - type/size/color/location
What will need maintenance on exterior?  What is painted?
Exterior Trim - Color/location
Window/door features (fancy trim pieces over windows/doors) - size/location/color
Shingles - type/color/see sample
What is off of back door?  Deck?  Covered with rail?
Sidewalk location
Driveway - width?  will they do 2 coats?
Water/Sewer connections - location
porch - size? location?
Steps to front porch?
Steps into house from garage?
Hose bibb location/number?
Exterior electric outlets location/number?
Location of outdoor AC unit?  Heat pump?
Location of water meter?  gas meter?

Drywalled?  Full or partial? 
Garage door opener?
Garage door type/size/insulated? Windows?


  1. This is an awesome list--great job!! If I were you I would be inclined to add this as a tab on your blog for the blog family. People are always asking for support and what questions should they ask and this would be a great reference. We did most of these things but not all and as I reflect there are many questions here I could have asked that would have me satisfied with those things that I was told by our SR that wasn't fact. Our meeting lasted for six hours and could have gone further--let's see if you can beat our record. Lol The only item missing from your list is to be sure you eat before you attend your meeting and to take a beverage of your choice in case you are there longer than expected and Have Fun building your house!!!!

    1. Question: are you Hank aka Henry husband of Elise?? LOL

    2. Yup he is! I actually did this post :-) Now we can keep you on your toes wondering who is posting what! Good idea to make it a tab, I will do that tonight.