Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen...we have a start date!

That's right! We got word from our SR that we start the week of December 31st! Happy New Year to us! She is contacting us tomorrow to set up our pre-construction meeting. FINALLY this is going to begin!

We also stopped by to see how everything has been progressing and WOW! Our back neighbor's house is up and framed! There is a picture in the neighborhood progression timeline. It is getting easier to see how our lot will be laid out and we walked around trying to figure out where our backyard and side yards will be. Since our lot is so flat, our side goes on for quite a way! We are excited to walk it with our PM soon! Two new foundations also sprouted up. It is amazing how quickly everything moves. It has been so much fun watching what started out as dirt and just a few house turn into a beautiful neighborhood!

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