Monday, December 10, 2012

We hit our first snag...

Yesterday we were looking at the schematic layout and noticed something odd... why in the regular bathroom was there no door and there appeared to be a door in the alternative bathroom layout? So what was in the shower? We emailed our SR only to find out that we had the "standard" bathroom and that shower, although separate from the tub, did not have has a curtain rod. Um WHAT? That makes no sense! We were told by our original SR that there was no difference between the standard and alternate layouts. When we met with our current SR for our finalization meeting we even asked if the shower door glass we had was clear and she said yes! But today our SR said that we would need to do an upgrade (at an extra cost of course) and that she wasn't sure we could even do that at this point since the lumber was ordered already. She has an email in to find out and will let us know tomorrow. She then said we could just get Lowe's to come in if we didn't do the upgrade to add glass...why would we have someone come into our brand new house we are paying all this money for and add something else?! We are going to push for this to be fixed obviously.

Our main concern is what else was overlooked or not appropriately explained to us and what surprises are we in for when our house is complete?! We asked her if there is anything else we should know about so we are not surprised and we are definitely going through everything extremely carefully with our PM at the pre-con meeting next week. We are a little unnerved...

Has this happened to anyone else??


  1. That is really weird... I can't figure out why anyone would want a separate stand up shower without the glass surround. Good luck getting it sorted out!

  2. Henry, they typically have three different layout options that you get to choose from but it requires looking at each in detail with or without the SR. Plus depending on the layout it may or may not come with a water closet door. I wrote a blog about the missed details for this same reason. Not sure of your options but if you are getting the designer ceramic for your bathrooms be sure to look at my blog about that too to determine if you want the towel bar and soap dish installed.

  3. Thanks. We have the WC door, although I'm not sure I love that feature. I've been reading your blog. We went over and over the different layouts and option sheet selections, but still missed that small detail about the shower door until the other day. I haven't felt like I was getting nickle and dimed by Ryan Homes until this last snag. I mean who puts a shower stall in an expensive house that has a curtain rod instead of a shower door? I haven't seen that since my college dorm days and I've never seen it in a house!