Monday, December 17, 2012

In brick...maybe

Trying to find our model in our elevation in brick is turning out to be near impossible.  We think the picture below shows our house in brick.  If it isn't, it's so close to it it would be nearly discernible.  Our brick is red, so it is a little different, but you get the idea.  We weren't totally sold on our model/elevation because we've only really been able to see it with siding, except for the one stone version we've found.  Now that we see it in brick, we love it!


  1. Hi Henry, this is my soon-to-be next door neighbors house which is an Oberlin. I can't tell from the picture if our house started construction but this house is to the left of us on Lot #27 and the house to our right is a Victoria Falls on Lot #29. The Victoria Falls next door to us has two or three gables at the top. If you browse through my blog again you should find it but it is not the elevation I believe you are looking for.

  2. You are right, but I don't see any differences other than the room over the garage, which you can also get in our model. The window spacing, which is typically the tell tale sign seems identical to ours. It's interesting that Ryan would make two homes so alike. I suppose the inside layout is likely different.

  3. RickandNadase, if you happen to see this model/elevation with red brick anywhere in your community, could you take a pic for us? We'd love to see what it will look like.

    1. Absolutely Henry! I will be sure to check it out! I know these homes very well. Two of the differences in your elevation and the Oberlin are the front doors (your front door has a transom above it where as the Oberlin has a solid door) and the Oberlin comes with a window over the garage which is a closet that sits above the garage. When you enter the Oberlin's master bathroom you must step down two steps that take you straight into this large closet with the window against the back wall. Your Victoria Falls has a louver at the top instead of the window. I have seen so many variations of the elevations it can get wacky.

  4. Thank you so much. Yes, I see these differences. Although, if you get the elevation of our home with the bonus room above the garage, the door trim seems to be about the same as above and will have the window above the garage, so the homes look almost identical. Of course, our version will not have the window or that door trim (although I'm going to push this issue with the PM during our pre-con meeting), but it gives us a very good look at almost an identical house with the brick. Thanks again for any pics that you can get us. Is there a way to "private message" me with the pics?