Friday, December 21, 2012

Pre-Con went well

Had our pre-con today.  Our PM is really nice and seems like he'll be great to work with.  We got to walk our lot and see it staked.  The yard is huge, especially for metro-D.C. standards and we get a little extra space beyond our lot that goes to the edge of the forest preservation area.

Of all of the little favors we asked of the PM, we only got approval on one, which was the chase under the driveway for future wiring, but that's fine. They had good reasons for not doing the others.

The excavating should start on January 2 and we should be under roof by mid-January. Of course, the first snow flakes fell today, so we are hoping that's not a bad omen.

We also met more future neighbors today who have a little girl around our oldest son's age. Everyone has young kids, which is going to be great.


  1. I'm glad your meeting went well!

  2. I am curious Henry and Elise, did you cover the entire list! It's very comprehensive and such a useful tool for bloggers! Look forward to seeing it as a tab.

    Btw it is such a pleasure to meet your future neighbors!

    1. Yay! The tab is UP! This will help so many new bloggers!! Check my blog, I have a picture of a Victoria Falls with brick but it's the elevation next door to our future home.

      I don't see our blog on your blog list. :-( Are you going to add us to your blog?

    2. I thought you guys were there! How do I do that? We are following you, but not sure how to put you on our list....

  3. Actually, I have not even posted our entire list of questions. Some I still have to get off of our list. We covered pretty much everything. Some stuff, we already knew, so we didn't ask. Some other stuff, they went over before we asked. I bet we asked 80% of the questions though. The meeting took about 2 hours and then we walked the grounds. Not awful.