Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OMG! It's A House!

Went to see how the brick was coming along and oh my goodness, the house looks like a house.  Brick is almost complete, they started putting on the siding, the dry wall is all hung and almost complete.  You can actually see the rooms!  I also peeked inside the walls of the laundry room and it looks like they kept my insulation in there.  I don't know if they kept the insulation on the pipe, but I will be sure to peek after the house is complete.  Enjoy the pics!

OMG!  It's our house!

Looking down from the upstairs. Look at that light!

The backing of our shower

Our foyer stairway

Looking down from our son's room to the foyer

Our master bath

Our shower

Our family room and fireplace


Morning room

Morning room

Our siding is going up!


Hallway off the garage and powder room

The front of our house...obviously


  1. Nice! Great progress. The brick detail near the ground is a nice added touch; same goes for the transom above the morning room door.

  2. Looking good! Lots of light I love it! Can't wait to see the finished product. I think I have a couple of weeks before I'm at this point but I just can't wait!

  3. It's such an awesome feeling!! Isn't it!!!

  4. I could not be more excited, happier, or anything right now! It is so amazing to begin to see the dream realized!!

  5. The brink variations are really awesome, the house is beginning to come together and very soon it will be yours.