Saturday, February 9, 2013

Plumbing Insulation Update

So after calling all of the Lowes and 84 Lumbers in the area with no positive results, it occurred to me that I didn't check Home Depot for some reason.  I guess I figured that if Lowes didn't have it, they wouldn't either.  Sure enough, I called my local Home Depot and they had a whole bunch of Roxul Safe n' Sound.  I put three on hold (each package is about $40 and fills a 59 sq foot area).  I ran over there and put it in my car before they changed their minds.

I headed over to the home site with all of my products and a general plan in mind.  One problem...upon a closer inspection all of the pipes are about flush with the studs.  Now what?  I have three different kinds of insulation and no room to fit any of it behind the drywall.  Well, I first addressed the laundry room/family room wall.  I placed the Roxul in all of the easy places first.  The stuff is very easy to install.  Just make some cuts out of it like bread to fit around receptacles and wires and you pop it in.

Then I had to face my issue of the pipes that are already flush with the wall.  I decided to wrap the main pipe running down the family room wall with the pipe insulation.  I used duct tape to seal all of the joints and secure it to the pipe.  I filled any gaps with spray foam insulation.  I have no idea if the drywallers are simply going to remove the work I did in the areas that pop out or if they will try to accomodate it.  I really hope it stays because that pipe is my real worry.  I ended up using about a bag and a half of the Roxul.

I didn't even attempt to address the pipes in the ceiling.  The same issue existed with those pipes, but unlike the wall pipes, I wasn't able to manipulate the insulation as well because it was all the way up in the ceiling.  Hopefully we don't notice it much up there.  You would think it would be the big vertical drop that causes much of the noise.  I've included a picture of the project below.  The insulation that's green is my work.  I have no idea if it all is going to make any difference and I'll never know since we won't know anything else.  Hopefully we're happy with it all. (I left the Roxul at the site and am going to send a note to the PM stating that if the insulators want, they can feel free to use the rest of it over the ceiling pipes.  We'll see)


  1. When I looked for it last night, I noticed that Home Depot carried it. I viewed a video on how to install it (seems easy). I plan to put some into my house. I will be sure to bring a ladder to address the ceiling pipes. Thanks for the update.

  2. Looking into the Roxul, I think I will put that or a similar product around the laundry room, and also probably on the shared wall between the master and our bonus room. I also want to see how the pipes are run in our setup to see how co-located everything is and if its easier to insulate the pipes individually, box in a plumbing chase with Roxul, or some combination thereoff.

  3. Home Depot carries almost all your housing needs so don't think twice on calling them. When I want something done in my house, I usually call the plumbers; especially for projects like this to make sure that everything is in place. It may cost extra, but it will save you a lot in the long run.

    Darryl Iorio

  4. It's really important that we call expert for such situation. I do agree with Darryl Iorio that it takes a bit much but safety must be given first priority. I recently faced some problems of boiler breakdown and I had to call the experts though I have some experience regarding it.

  5. If you need an expert to install insulation, perhaps home ownership is not your bag.

  6. I guess it’s not bad to call for professional help, especially when it’s your first home ownership and you might not know what to do. Seeking professional help is just a way of keeping the home at its best, and I guess that’s the main responsibility of the homeowner. By the way, what happened to your home’s pipes? Are they ok now? :)

    [ Carmella Vancil ]