Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pre-Drywall Meeting Tomorrow!

Our pre-drywall meeting is tomorrow at 10.  Our inspector is going to meet us there.  I'm anxious to see what he says.  We're going to talk to our PM about extra insultation around the pipes and bathrooms to limit noise.  He already noted that he's going to reinforce the studs where our tv's will be going and he also helped us out by hooking up one of the front outlets to an interior switch, just as we asked.  Technically, we were supposed to request this a while ago, but he got in done for us.  He's a great PM!


  1. Hope the meeting goes well!

  2. Oh yes!!! Please insulate, take my suggestion....we didnt and we feel like we are taking a shower with everyone, wish I could do something about it now......

    DO it at all costs, you wont be sorry..