Thursday, February 7, 2013

We got a completion date!

We had our pre-drywall meeting and it went very well! We brought an inspector, which was very helpful and really gave us peace of mind. He really didn't have any major issues and the small things, mostly insulation related, our PM explained to us and we were comfortable with the responses. I would recommend getting an inspector to have a set of knowledgeable eyes on your house and to ease any fears.

We decided that this weekend we are going to put the insulation around the pipes after reading about everyone's experiences! For those of you that did it, how did you go about putting it in, what kind did you get, and any tips?

The best part... we got a completion/ walk through date! We will actually be completed March 25th, but that  freaked my hubby out a bit (he thought it was too soon since we are hoping to do something with our current house!) and our PM nicely pushed it to the 27th, with the idea that our settlement would most likely be that following Monday. That would put us at the beginning of April for closing! But our house will be done March 27th!! That is NUTS! We can't believe how quickly this is going! Can't wait to get the walk through/ settlement letter in the mail!

I hope everyone else's builds and move-ins are going smoothly!


  1. Congrats on getting dates. I'm glad the inspector didn't find anything serious.

  2. Awesome! If I'm thinking correctly, your home will be completed before the 90th day? Is that right? If so, wow!