Monday, January 28, 2013

A Three Hour Tour, A Three Hour Tour...

Ok, it wasn't really three hours, but I needed a catchy phrase for the title of this post.  The bottom line is that we are able to tour our house now.  All the framing is in, stair cases, windows and doors!  It is really neat to walk through.  Our oldest son has already picked out his room.  Of course, it's the one with the attic access, which we are thinking is not the best idea with a 3 year old whose middle name is mischief.

We visited the house on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday, the guys were installing the furnace and working on the HVAC system.  It's neat to see all of the duct work in the walls before it all gets sealed up.  How often do you get to see the inner workings of your house?

We also had the chance to measure the windows so that we can start shopping for window coverings.  We're a bit worried about the cost, since we have so many windows, but as I toured the aisles of Wal-Mart last night in search of staging goodies for our current house, I came upon a whole section of blinds!  They are really reasonably priced and I think will get us through at least the first few years of the house.  I'm sure our boys are going to destroy them anyway, so at least it won't be the good ones that are getting destroyed.  Surprisingly, the boss of the house was ok with the idea too!

Cheers for now!  We'll be back with more pics later this week as things continue to progress.  For now, the winter weather has our outside progress stalled a bit.


  1. Sounds like things are moving right along! It's so fun to wander through the house once it's all buttoned up. Hopefully the weather improves soon so you can see some outside progress!

  2. I can't wait until our house is framed. Please take and post some pics.

  3. That's great! It won't be long until the drywall. :)

  4. Very exciting......i loved each part of our build.

  5. The pre-drywall meeting is set for next Wednesday!! CRAZY!