Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ceiling fans done and done

Finished off our ceiling fan purchases today with two Hampton Bay Springview 52" fans.  One will go in the morning room and one in our bedroom.  These really caught my eye, enjoy great reviews and were reasonably priced at $99 at Home Depot.  Can't beat that!

Hampton Bay Springview 52" fan


  1. Very Nice, Henry!! This is seems the big bulk of the moving in process. We have hung two pendants so far..whoo hoo!! I just need to decide on the others.

    It's great shopping for a new home. Congratulations on getting a great price.

  2. Nice!

    I think you should shop for curtains next... I need some ideas! =)

  3. Not sure how you plan on hanging the ceiling fan in the morning room, but if you want it to end up about even with the kitchen ceiling, you'll need the 3' drop pole. That's what I used in ours and it did the trick :).

  4. These ceiling fans are really beautiful and perfect for your homes. You can also find same items as you check on for additional high quality products.

  5. Those ceiling fans are great buys at $99! Good thing they caught your eyes! With those wonderful ceiling fans, I'm sure that they will stand out wherever you install them and will serve their purpose well.