Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Gettin' Real!

The house looks like a real house already.  We even have a front door and windows.  Unfortunately, they couldn't get the roof all papered before the snow hit last night, so our bedroom floor is a bit wet and frozen right now.  Hopefully, there won't be any long term effects.  Our PM told us that the brick should be on in a week and a half and that we'll be scheduling the pre-drywall meeting soon!  Holy smokes!  We're rollin!

The view out of the back of our family room

From the rear

Morning room

The kids' rooms have the really nice views...grrrr

She's a beaut, Ain't she Clark?


  1. The house looks great! I love all of the windows! Although, I loved all of my windows too until I started shopping for curtains! =)

  2. LMAO! You threw 'Clark' in there! That's what I call my husband... Oh Christmas is my favorite time of the year... We were in Lowes and ol Clark needed a staple gun for his Christmas lights... I was laughing so hard through the store I was in tears.
    He dressed like Uncle Eddie for a Christmas party, black dickie under a white sweater, it was hilarious!

    Oh and your house is starting to look like a house! And I agree with M... Windows are EXPENSIVE to cover! Good grief, I'm not sure how people can afford all of this stuff!

  3. I am terrified about the window coverings. seems to be a good inexpensive choice...

  4. I checked out that website - thank you Elise for the suggestion!

    I priced everything out last night and JC Penny's has really good prices - they seem significantly lower than Steves based on our window sizes and what I am looking for. I want the 2" wood blinds and some roman shades. I just can't seem to decide on what colors I want.

    We have almond trim on the outside, but I really want white blinds, I just don't know if that will look ok, or if I should get dark wood blinds... it's enough to get me in a tizzy! LOL

    1. A day or two after we moved in we had a flyer from Budget Blinds left on the door. They are offering 30% off, but the catch is that you have to buy during the initial quote to get the discount. I'm not sure I am ready to foot the bill for the morning room window treatments (probably cellular shades) just yet though so I haven't contacted them about pricing.

    2. I will have to check out JCPenny and Budget Blinds. I am willing to check out anything to get a good price! Thanks for the suggestions. Thinking of measuring the windows today to get a jump start :-)