Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Lumber Has Arrived!

I have never been so excited to see a pile of wood!! I can't believe that building is right around the corner! The PM told us that if the lumber came early enough today (I was there at 10 am and it was like this!) that they would start framing... so let's hope they are framing as we speak! Looks like a lot of visits are in our weekend plans! Glad the weather shows sunshine for the next few days. Let the fun begin!

Lumber Pile #1 across the street from our house

Lumber pile #2 in our driveway

The lumber came complete with blueprint instructions!

We are also the proud owners of a steel beam :-)


  1. Yay!!! I can't wait for pics as it goes up. :)

  2. It goes so fast past this point! Get ready for the action!

  3. Your lumber piles are so neat! Ours were all over the lot! :-D

  4. Time to really see some progress!!! The framing goes really quick! Have fun watching your lumber turn into a house! =)