Monday, January 7, 2013

Foundation and our new neighbors

I couldn't get out to the build site until after work, so the picture had to be taken in the dark, but you can definitely see that the walls are up!

Driving out of the neighborhood, we saw some of our new neighbors.  There are tons of deer in this neighborhood, which was originally built as a resort community in the woods.  With streams, lakes, and a lot of wilderness, these deer must love the neighborhood as much as we do!

It's hard to see, but that's our foundation

Hello, deer!


  1. Yay for walls!!

    We saw deer tracks in the lot two over for us before they started building that house. I've been wondering if we will see any from our house.

  2. Congratulations on making progress, Henry & Elise!! Once they start framing you are going to be WOWWED!! I felt like a little girl in the candy store to see the framing, can't wait to see your house RISE UP!

    Our community was bare and the deer tend to stay in the neighborhood. It was a pleasure to see them; however, not sure if they still roam now that the community is built up. We shall see since we will be moving in very soon. YAY!

  3. That's awesome! Your community sounds beautiful with all of the wooded areas and streams. It will be so pretty in the fall with all the leaves. :)

  4. The area is very wooded(over 36 miles of hiking trails, lakes, and wooded areas) and is known for lots of deer! They are not going away any time soon. I am thinking of getting a deer sonar thing because I am scared of hitting one of them (or getting hit by one!)!