Monday, January 21, 2013

The roof, the roof, the roof is on...our house!

We have a roof! The house looks like... a house! So exciting. Our house is all bundled up getting ready for cold with a few little breathing holes over a couple windows :-)  I think she is going to be a beautiful house in a beautiful setting and we are getting more excited each day. And yes, I went up to the house 2 times in one day ;-)

The only complaint: still no email, call, text, anything from our PM. You'd think he'd drop a line saying, "Guess what? You're under roof!" But no, nothing. Luckily we are able to go to the house so much or we wouldn't know anything! Not sure if this is normal but I hope it changes as we continue to progress.

Here are the pics!

This is our favorite view, back of the house, morning room :-)

Front of the house, little breathing holes cut out 


  1. Very nice! I love the breathing holes! Try initiating the call/email with the PM and ask him what the next scheduled items are on the house. That's what I did and eventually I was receiving updates without asking for them :)

  2. Yeah, we tried that with the PM. We got a response. Crickets since...

    1. That sucks! I would just stay persistent and call him as much as you feel necessary!

  3. Looking good! Good luck getting your PM to give you updates... it seems that you have one that isn't big on communication. =(

  4. Congratulations on your new roof! =) I can feel the joy you felt for making significant progress in your home construction! I am with you in hoping for better things to come with it. How is it after three months? I would love to hear that your roof is strong enough to stand any weather. =)
    Frank Casher

  5. The house is shaping up nicely! Seeing the roof installed, I can almost imagine how the house will look like. I’m pretty sure you’re very excited to finish this house and finally fill in every room with furniture. You sure have lots of design ideas in mind for this house. #Joann Winton

  6. You seem very excited to see your house with the roof installed. Well, who wouldn’t get overjoyed to see their abode nearing its completion, and to finally see what the house will look like now that it has a roof? Indeed, it’s going to be a beautiful home. Congratulations! ->Tedrick’s Roofing