Friday, January 18, 2013

Speed Building!

All I can say is WOW! You guys weren't kidding when you said the framing goes up fast! Lumber yesterday, 2 floors today! If they take advantage of the weather and build during the weekend we should be under roof by Sunday! It also looks like there is some inside framing of rooms on the first floor, which is AWESOME! We even (cautiously) stepped on our garage floor. The "nook" in the garage area is really going to provide some great storage.

What a truly amazing experience we are fortunate enough to have to see our house being built and share it with our little boys!

Here are some pictures, hopefully the next set will have a roof!

2 floors in 2 days...WOW! 

 View from the garage side

Another garage side view


  1. Awesome progress!!! You'll be walking around inside very soon!

  2. Uhh Ohh Elise & Henry, here you go!!!

    They may decide to work over the weekend and if they do, your house will be UP!