Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Foundation and plumbing!

I drove up to the lot and to my surprise the forms had been removed and there our foundation stood. AND the plumbing people were there working on piping! This is getting more and more real and we are getting more and more excited each day. Our lumber is supposed to be delivered next week and with temperatures going into the upper 50s, we should be good to go (knock on wood)! I am amazed with how quickly this is going now and extremely happy :-D

We updated our house progression and neighborhood progression pics as well. Our neighbor across from us  has almost all the framing up. It is so cool to see the neighborhood forming in front of our eyes! We are so close to seeing our dream!

 Egress window

It's a house! Well, a foundation with plumbing getting started :-)


  1. Yay walls! Looking more like a house every day!! I love the hills in your community, btw. Very scenic!

  2. Yay for basement walls!!! The temps will be excellent for framing next week if its going to be in the 50s!

  3. Elise, this is awesome!! Exciting! Amazing! To see this part of the build, the foundation which your home will be standing on! I watched them in action every chance I got! I am surprised I didn't just camp out. LOL LOL Enjoy!

    1. With the weather being so nice, we are VERY tempted to camp out :-) We said that once to our SR, she smiled and said, "Oh no. Don't be THOSE builders!"

  4. I'm so excited for you. Your dream is becoming a reality. :)

  5. Nice people always make nice home! It really can be beginning of a dream home.