Monday, January 14, 2013


So after hearing about everyone's great experiences with their PM's we were excited to meet ours and get the process underway.  We were looking forward to a great relationship full of progress updates and notifications for upcoming events.  What we've gotten so far...nothing!

We started the building process on January 2, 12 days ago.  So far our hole was dug, foundation was put up, it was waterproofed and back filled.  Also prep work on our garage floor was done and we were told at the time of our pre-con meeting that lumber should arrive tomorrow.  But we haven't gotten a single update as to our progress or what is coming down the pike, yet.

We e-mailed him this weekend to see when we might expect the lumber and framing to begin.  What we've gotten so far...the sound of crickets (chirp, chirp, chirp).  There are a few things that I would like to make sure are looked over on our foundation, but I have no idea if he is checking on its status or on the beach somewhere soaking up the rays.

Are we being overly demanding, overbearing?  From what I read on other blogs, I've seen that PMs will do foundation walk-throughs, constant updates and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  Something seems amiss.



  1. I've seen a few people go through their entire build completely frustrated with their PM because they saw that so and so's PM called twice a week, or e-mailed once a week, etc. and theirs didn't. Just like every community is different, every PM is different too.

    Communication is key throughout this whole process, especially if you have questions or concerns. If he's not responding to your e-mails call him. If you need to, ask him which method of communication will yield the fastest response from him... and ask him how quickly you can expect to get a response. You may even want to talk to your SR and ask them about the best way to get in touch with the PM if he's not getting back to you in a timely manner.

    Our PM did not call or e-mail us once a week with an update... that's just not how it worked for us. In fact, there were very few times that he contacted us... we usually initiated the contact. A lot of our communication with him was face-to-face because we were visiting our house daily. He was almost always in the neighborhood, but if we had questions and didn't run into him, we would call him or text him... we never e-mailed. He always got back to us within 24 hours, usually much sooner.

    If you are unhappy about how the communication is going with your PM... speak up! =)

    1. I agree with M, speak him...if he doesnt call back in a day, call him again.

      Be proactive.

      There will be more communication once your walls go up too, just watch and see :)

  2. Our PM did do a short once-weekly call, but we didn't have email, text or phone number for him, there was a really generic NVR number where we could leave a message and he would call us back within a day, but that was the closest it got to us being able to contact him.

    Our PM talks big about wanting us to be really happy, but the actually responsiveness during the build wasn't that great, he really stepped it up before closing and knows how to be extremely warm when you talk to him, but I don't think they expect to spend a lot of time talking to the homeowner during the build.

  3. Our experience was very much like M's. I was over at the house through out the day and would see my PMs onsite. We did ask for his preferred form of communication and it was a telephone call. He was some what ole school. However, he would respond via email and text. In the beginning, he would make the appropriate phone calls if something was not aligning with the schedule; however, as I mentioned I stayed front and center and would ask for updates in person. I never waited for them to contact me because I knew his building load was full and it worked for me to just locate him on site.

    It also sounds like you may be on schedule and just want to know the next step. I would only become concerned if the lumber does not show up tomorrow as scheduled.

  4. Thanks everyone. The PM got back to me today after I followed up on my wife's email. He answered my questions and also gave us a feel for what's coming up. I'm good now. Thanks for letting me know what's realistic.

  5. I'm glad to hear that he followed up. Ours usually calls us on Fridays for a quick update, but they're all different.

  6. Our PM will occasionally send me updates, and when I say me, I mean me. I don't think he has called my husband once but they made that agreement in the beginning. Our PM seemed more interested in contacting hubby, but hubby told him not to waste his time since all questions/concerns would go through me before he would get an answer.

    He usually would send me a text or email once a week, but lately we have been in contact everyday through email and texts since there is just so much going on. I understand he's busy, he has two communities that he runs back and forth to and he has about 5 houses going up just in our plan. He's got a lot on his plate, and I get that since I am a PM as well.

    I thought I was the pain in the you know what customer, but both the PM and the SR said I'm actually quite easy (maybe they are just being nice haha). But the PM did say I was an email everyday kind of person :) but I like to be in the loop... I NEED TO BE IN THE LOOP... And since I've been so persistent he has been really good at letting me know that is going on before I ask.

    It's a relationship, and just like all relationships it takes a little getting to know what each other wants. Get a cell # and text him - they always have their phones on them, I promise!!

    Hope the next few weeks get a little better! Keep us posted!!

    1. And M, PM always calls ME too, not my hubby........ME! But again just like you, I am the final word anyway and the confrontational one, so I think they pick up on that. If my hubby wants something taken care of in life, he sends me in :) And I do think eventually the PM's catch onto our personalities, I am also an in your face kinda need to know person as well!

      My best advice is be proactive, if I didn't get an answer from my PM right away, I would call my SR and ask her and it got back to the PM....

      They want you happy.

      Also towards the end, they were at the house everyday and since we went everyday I saw them frequently.

      Also in the last month my one PM's (I have two) would text me in the evenings and on the weekends, he knew I was a worry wort...even tonite he texted me good luck for tomorrow.

      Did I feel like a pain in the butt, yup everday.......did it stop me........NOPE.

      Be a pain in the butt, and he will come around let's hope.