Saturday, January 12, 2013

Loving Our Yard!

Went to look at our lot again today so that we could take a closer look at our foundation now that there aren't workers everywhere.  We didn't realize how big our yard was really going to be.  Holy cow!  Very happy not only with the size, but also the fact that we overlook green space and the "pond" and are next to protected forest area.  This should be the perfect place for our boys to grow up!

Our back yard.  Starts from that grate you see in the back left and goes to our foundation all the way to the tree line.

Our back yard from the rear facing our house.

Open green space down the hill behind our house.  That's the "pond" water retention  area.  Should be nice once cleaned up.

Side yard.  The grassy area is not technically our yard, but adds another 25 yards of space to the tree line.  Our boys are going to love this.  I see this as the neighborhood football field.

Our neighbor's window finishings.  We have to get them because we are both high visibility lots as you come into the neighborhood.